Monday, April 22, 2013

Tragedy in West, Texas

Tragedy in West, Texas

Posted Date: 4/19/2013, from the Fire Chief David Jones, City of Keller Fire Department

There are no words to adequately describe the impact of the disasters America has witnessed this week, and none fell closer to home than Wednesday’s news out of West.

At this point, we know that at least 12 lost their lives in the tragedy, hundreds more were injured and countless more are in mourning — for friends, for family members, for homes destroyed and for the loss of this small town’s quiet way of life. We also know that many who were taken from us were first responders, volunteers who cared more for others’ safety than their own, who rushed toward disaster on Wednesday to honorably and selflessly serve, and who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that others made it home to their families that night.

The thoughts and prayers of every Texan, every American, are with the people of West right now, but many of you are also seeking additional ways to help.

West city leaders have requested that physical donations stop, as the outpouring of support has overwhelmed the town’s storage and distribution capabilities. But they are asking that people’s generosity be directed toward two funds that have been set up to support relief efforts. Donations may be mailed to the “Victims of the West Explosion Fund” at:

200 W. Oak St.
West, TX 76691


State National Bank
100 N. Main St.
West, TX 76691

Donations are also being accepted online at (look for the red button at the bottom of the left column).

-Fire Chief David Jones

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