Friday, April 26, 2013

Make exterior trim part of home remodeling

Make exterior trim part of home remodeling

As existing home sales continue to climb and housing prices increase, remodeling is also on the rise.  Owners of older homes are investing more in home improvement projects that add beauty and value, especially with environmentally friendly products.

Most homes, no matter how well maintained, will need some exterior trim replaced from time to time. Traditional wood trim boards can split, crack and rot over time, as a result of damage from the rain, snow, wind and sun.

Replacing old or damaged exterior trim with engineered wood composite trim is one way homeowners can preserve design integrity, while remaining committed to green building principles.

Check your exterior trim

Take a few minutes this spring to walk around your house and inspect your exterior trim. Look closely at the trim around your windows and doors, at the corners, and near the roofline. Pay special attention to peeling or blistering paint, green algae, warped boards, and spongy or soft spots. Also, check for termite damage, which creates more damage to U.S. homes than fire, floods and storms combined.

There are several options for replacing your existing trim. It is a great way to give your home a nice, clean new look. And, it can be done with the environment in mind.


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