Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get ready to enjoy your home's exterior beauty

Get ready to enjoy your home's exterior beauty

It's time to make your home's exterior shine with some added summer curb appeal. You can quickly do the easy stuff - wash your windows, plant annuals, install pathway lights - to spruce things up. But you should also consider those projects you've been avoiding.

* Is your wood deck cracked, gray and seen better days, but still structurally sound? Do you have a concrete patio that is patched, cracked and just unsightly? Instead of replacing it, resurface your deck, patio or sidewalk. This isn't a back-breaking, time-consuming job anymore.

* Banish weeds from your landscape. Of course, this isn't easy. Dandelions seem to pop up overnight. Weeds arrive in nursery containers, packaged grass seed and even your pet's paws. You need to be diligent in removing them, especially before they have a chance to seed and spread. If you apply an herbicide, remember that these products are non-selective, which means they'll destroy anything green, from weeds to grass. Talk to an expert at your favorite nursery or garden store about solutions.

* Refresh your wooden fence and deck furniture. Give them fresh, new looks or just refresh the current finish for your next summer get-together.  Stains will go a long way in extending the life of your exterior wood, providing durability throughout the years. They provide a waterproof and mildew-resistant coating that will help your wood stand up to all the seasons. You'll find products for all wood types, applications and budgets.

* Make sure all your hoses and sprinklers work. Before it's time to water your landscape, test all of your hoses. When you run water through them, do you see water spraying through cracks? Attach your sprinklers to your hoses and turn on the water, to see if all the holes in the sprinkler send out adequate supplies of water. It could be time to buy some new hoses or sprinklers.

* Get your mower ready for the season. Put in some gas and turn on the engine. How does it sound? You might need to buy some new gas, too - don't depend on gas left over from last year. If you haven't had your mower tuned by a professional for several years, this might be the time for it.

Get the jump on these outdoor chores, so that you'll be able to enjoy many months of relaxing fun in the sun.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the move? Use these packing tips and tricks

On the move? Use these packing tips and tricks

Let's face it - moving is hard. Along with the stress of leaving a familiar place and adapting to new surroundings, moving means packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking everything you own - as well as everything you forgot you owned.

While relocation may never be completely carefree, there are ways to ease the anxiety. A well-thought-out approach to boxing up belongings can help simplify the moving process and bring you one step closer to making your new house a home.

* Box it up. To be prepared for packing, seek out a large quantity of clean, sturdy containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. When selecting boxes, you may choose to purchase new ones, helping to ensure they can withstand the rigors of moving. You can also purchase dividers, which come in handy for packing glasses and other small, fragile items. No matter what you are using, remember not to over-pack. As a general rule, heavier items should be placed into smaller boxes to avoid too much strain on the box (and your back).

* Leave it. The easiest packing is no packing at all. Moving is the perfect time to clear the clutter out of your life. Before boxing up your belongings, decide what to keep. Clothing and housewares in good shape can be donated, and broken or unused old items can be tossed or given to someone who can repurpose them.

* Mind the supplies. The right tools can go a long way toward easing the moving process. Pick up plenty of quality wrapping material, like strong packaging tape to help make boxing up your belongings a painless process.

* Organize and prioritize. Pack from room to room and label boxes based on box contents, where boxes will be unpacked in the new location and priority.

* Get help. Be organized to help the entire moving day run smoothly, so that your volunteers aren't waiting around for a job to do. Providing tasty snacks and drinks is a thoughtful way to say thank you, as are gift cards for coffee, movie theaters or their favorite stores.

* Pack a survival kit. Moving can be exhausting, and an all-day move may not wrap up until late in the evening. Don't spend your first night in your new home unpacking. Instead, pack a survival kit or an "Open Me First" box with essentials to get you through that first night. Make sure to include some fun items, such as your favorite movie or a batch of brownies, to reward yourself for a hard day's work.

Moving day may never rival a beach vacation, but these simple tips can make it a lot less stressful and help you enjoy your new home faster and easier.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

JUST LISTED - 4109 Parkway Drive, Grapevine

JUST LISTED - 4109 Parkway Drive, Grapevine

Stylish four bedroom, three and a half bath home centrally located in the High Oaks Estates of Grapevine.  The functional layout invites entertaining for any occasion from a casual backyard BBQ to an elegant formal dinner party.  The sleek kitchen offers granite counters, butler’s pantry, ample storage and counter space including an island.  Escape to the intimate master retreat complete with en suite master bath that has recently been remodeled.  Expansive treed lot offers a split three car garage and easy to care for landscaping.  

Join us this Saturday, June 15th from 11:00am - 1:00pm for an Open House
Grove Team, Keller Williams
(817) 337-0000

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Accessorizing secrets for a beautiful home and a beautiful you

Accessorizing secrets for a beautiful home and a beautiful you

Accessorizing is a beautiful thing; the right accessories can make your home exciting and inviting, and give you confidence and style. Yet accessorizing can be intimidating as well. With so many options in terms of design and color, it can be difficult to refine your personal style - and express your tastes in your own wardrobe and your home's decor.

Fortunately, the fundamentals of good accessorizing are the same, regardless of whether you're dressing up your house or spicing up your own look. Whether you have a knack for pulling together an outfit as easily as a room, or can't quite seem to get it together, a few simple tips can help you enhance your style.

Pop that color - Neutrals make an awesome backdrop for pops of color. Whether it's a neutral shade on the walls of your living room, or a classically cut skirt in a subtle hue, set off your neutral backdrop with brightly colored accessories. Pillows, plates, photo frames, candles and other colorful accessories create interest and depth in a room's design. All kinds of small and decorative items can be colorful and inexpensive. You can find fashionable and fun items in shops that specialize in the unusual. Explore the offbeat. For example, beautiful glass jars filled with pickles and canned veggies are not only a culinary treat, they can add zest to a room's decor when used as a colorful display.

For you, adding a bold necklace, chunky bracelet, bright belt or scarf can layer your look with personality. As a bonus, if you find a look that fits your personal style, consider incorporating it into your home decor with accessories.

Simple styling - One of the most challenging aspects of accessorizing can be settling on a style. The good news is, when you find one that works for you, you can apply it to both your personal style and your home decor. Does classic sophistication work for you? Subtle colors that convey classic styling in your wardrobe can make great hues for walls, carpeting and upholstered furnishings. Is quirky and unconventional -more your style? That tropical print you love on your bedroom drapes can add humor and excitement to your wardrobe when it shows up in an airy cotton scarf. That same color and pattern combination can make a statement when you use it as a runner on your dining room table.

You need to love your atmosphere - Whatever the purpose of a room or an outfit, you need to love the atmosphere it creates. Whether you're designing a space for family fun or pulling together a knockout look for that special night out on the town, the colors and styles you choose will create a specific ambiance. It should be one that speaks to you and your personality.

For example, are summer gatherings with friends one of your favorites things to do? Salute the best of summer with colors that evoke summer holidays, such as a fun red picnic cup lighted garland and matching red picnic cup stemware. Keep the effect going by adding that shiny red hue to your wardrobe accessories with a belt or necklace. Have an affinity for the horsey set? "Stable" d├ęcor featuring riding-inspired accessories such as candleholders and canisters with whip stitched accents is popular and a horseshoe doubling as a tea light holder evokes the look beautifully.

Just keep a few secrets that apply to both home decor and wardrobe building in mind, then let your adventure begin.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tips for creating a greener outdoor living space

Tips for creating a greener outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces remain a popular home improvement, but while you're planning your patio or prepping your planting beds do you consider the impact these improvements might have on the environment? Creating a great outdoor space can be even more satisfying when you take steps to make your project as "green" as possible.

If your to-do list includes backyard projects such as building a patio or decorative landscaping, here are some eco-friendly ways to accomplish your goals:

Choose greener materials

Long gone are the days when it was difficult to find building materials created with sustainable manufacturing processes. Today, you can find products such as pavers and even paver base - used in patio-building - that are not only made from recycled materials, but also are 100 percent recyclable.

When building products made from recycled materials aren't available, consider ones that are naturally sustainable. Such products can also provide a unique look. Bamboo, for example, is gaining popularity as a fencing and decking material and it's eco-friendly because it's fast-growing and durable. Cedar is another decking and fence product that is naturally "green," because it is naturally resistant to moisture - making it more durable. It also contains natural oils that prevent rot without the chemical treatments needed by other woods such as pine, and it can be recycled and used for other building projects.

Responsible accessories

Energy and water consumption are also important considerations when greening your backyard environment. Opting for solar-powered pathway, deck and accent lighting - rather than traditional electric lights - is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your outdoor living space, while saving money on your utility bill. It's easy to find a wide variety of solar lighting styles, whether you look online or at your local home improvement store.

Reducing water waste is also important for the environment and your wallet. If you have a lawn sprinkler system, be sure to avoid watering during the hottest hours of the day when water will evaporate off the grass before it had time to sink into the soil. Timers on a sprinkler system can also help conserve water.

Finally, think about the furnishings you'll use on your patio or deck. While plastic may seem durable - and cheapest to buy - consider what will happen to the furniture once it's no longer usable. Furnishings made from recyclable materials like wood or iron may be kinder to the environment in the long run. You can also look for furniture made from recycled products. Or, visit garage sales and give old wood or metal lawn furniture a fresh coat of paint, some new cushions - and a new life in your environmentally friendly outdoor space.