Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tips for setting up your home theater viewing space

The home entertainment center concept has evolved dramatically over the past decade, from a single "tube" TV and a DVD player to full-blown, high-definition multi-media centers. The technology today offers a more immersive experience, but without a proper set up, you might not enjoy to full potential the pride and joy of your living room.
Choose adjustable lighting. Place lights on a dimmer so that you can adapt the lighting level depending on what you're watching. Outfit windows with shades that can easily be closed to further darken the room. Opinions vary on what's the best distance from which to view a screen. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, a reliable formula for calculating optimal viewing distance is to multiply the diagonal size of your TV (for example, 50 inches) by two or three. That number will tell you how many inches you should sit away from the screen for the best possible picture.

Keep in mind that in addition to the size of the screen, the resolution will affect your calculations. Generally speaking, you'll want to sit farther away from a larger screen, but if it has a higher resolution you can sit closer. For example, a "4K" TV offers four times the resolution of typical HDTVs, meaning more detail, so viewers get a crisp, clear picture from as close as five feet. If you want a large screen in a small space, an Ultra HD TV is an ideal solution. (BPT)

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