Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Selling your Keller home? Upgrade your bathrooms with these three quick tips

Are you getting ready to sell your Keller home? As soon as your listing goes live you'll begin entertaining potential buyers who will be inspecting your entire home to ensure it meets their needs perfectly. Your bathrooms will be a key area of focus and you might be surprised to learn that the look and feel of these small rooms can make or break a sale. Here are three quick tips for renovating or upgrading your bathrooms to freshen up their look before potential buyers start viewing your home.

Clean Your Bathroom out and Start Fresh
Before you begin, take a close look at your bathroom. Is there wallpaper on the walls? Are the sinks and faucets a bit dated and stained? Does the bathtub have a crack in it or is there some discoloration in the tiles or grout? If your bathroom hasn't been renovated in the past few years, there's a good chance that the entire room needs to be overhauled. Clean all of the fixtures, materials, cabinets and even that dated flooring out and start from scratch.

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

Before you begin you'll want to have some sort of color palette in mind. Does the bathroom receive some sort of direct sunlight? Is there a skylight or a window in the room? Is there a color theme in other rooms in the house that you'll need to match up with? Having some color ideas in mind will significantly assist with painting and adding shower curtains, towels, mats and more.

Don't Skimp on Fixtures and Accessories
Remember that you're selling the home and that you're likely to regain some or all of the costs of your bathroom renovations in the form of a bump in your selling price. Don't purchase cheap faucets or fixtures as buyers will be looking closely and they'll want to ensure they're buying a home that has quality building materials used throughout. While you don't have to go too luxurious, use materials that are high-quality.

Breathing some new life in to your bathrooms won't break the bank, but it might just help secure your Keller home sale.

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