Monday, December 29, 2014

Countdown to 2015: New ideas to get your Keller home ready for the new year

The end of a year usually means one thing: resolutions. As you bid farewell to the holidays, it’s all about what you want to change, upgrade and do better. Health and well-being are always the first things that come to mind, but don’t overlook your home. In fact, sometimes it’s the first place to start – from a total overhaul to the simplest design changes. Those major or minor design decisions can really impact not only how you live, but also the health and happiness of you, your family and your Keller home.

Get organized
The first thing, and maybe the most important, is to clean the house. Don’t underestimate how important that is, and what a difference it will make. Next, clean up the clutter. Getting rid of all the clutter, which has probably been piling up all year, will allow a room to really shine again. It’s all about editing – throw out what no longer works to make room for things that are necessary to live well.

Brighten your outlook
If there’s one easy change to make in a home, make it the lighting. Maybe it’s a pair of statement sconces in the bedroom or a pendant light in the entryway. When it comes to design tricks, lighting is one of them. It can change the whole feel of a room in an instant.

High tech, high touch
As society moves at a rapid pace with technology it is important not to get caught up in buying the newest, most expensive appliance just for the sake of it. For Keller homeowners, while it doesn't hurt to be open to the newest high tech appliances, researching products and deciding which of them (if any) fit your home the best will pay off in the long run.

Changes that last
Maybe 2015 is the year that you commit to that renovation. If thinking of a full kitchen remodel, it’s one of the best investments to make in the home. Reach for things that you think you will be happy with long term because replacing your stove, or wall tiles, or flooring the next year or even after 10 years, is not an option. 

Add personal touch
If you’re not able to take on a full kitchen renovation this year, don’t worry – it can be as simple as layering in some color. Adding in a bold accessory is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room. Color is a great way to add personality, and accent pieces are the best way to make a statement; if by summer it’s time for another refresh, those pieces are easy enough to change out.

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