Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Real Estate Market Updates - Northeast Tarrant County

Real Estate Market Updates - Northeast Tarrant County

With the beginning of school in late August, the majority of families with children searching for a new home have found one or made other living arrangements. As these buyers exit the market, there may be a decline in the frenzied bidding wars we saw in spring and summer. However, today’s market continues to be a brutal one for buyers and a gift for sellers.

Our advice remains the same for the remaining two quarters of the year: If you can sell now, do so as rapidly as possible for the maximum price. (Nonetheless, properties with obvious flaws and those in disrepair sell much more slowly, if at all.) If you are purchasing, be prepared for some frustration with a lack of selection and steep prices.

See available inventory for the Northeast Tarrant County area on our website.

If you are considering buying or selling or know someone who is, please call us. We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you or anyone you know.

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