Monday, August 11, 2014

Inferior Interiors - Common Mistakes, Part 1

Inferior Interiors - Common Mistakes, Part 1

Regardless if you are considering selling your home in the Keller, Southlake, North Richland Hills, or Alliance areas, a few design mistakes can mean the difference between enhancing your space or hampering it. 

Consider steering clear of these common design choices so you can enjoy your living experience or be a step ahead from your competition when selling. 

1. Colossal Furniture:  Consider your space at home before purchasing your new trendy piece of furniture.  Remember, the retail stores are huge buildings with high ceilings and very special lighting.  People commonly purchase furniture that is too large for their space.  Try marking off the area with painter's tape before your final purchase so you will know how your room will accommodate your new furniture. 

2. Room for Rugs:  Area rugs are a great way to enhance your space and help make that final pop...but not when the rugs overwhelm the room.  Remember, rugs are meant to ground a furniture group.  Legs of chairs should sit on the run; in your dining room the rug should accommodate the table and chairs even when they are pulled out.  Selecting the right rug will even make the space in your room appear larger. 

3. Don't be afraid of the light:  This doesn't mean you have to have all of the lights on for the film crew.  Layer your lighting - ambient with accent lighting.  Adapting the correct lighting will create the mood you wish to convey for that room. 

4. It's Art:  It is common for people to hang their favorite piece too high on the wall.  Try to keep it at eye level - smaller pieces can go even lower.  Use this rule of thumb - when hanging art above a piece of furniture, measure it 8" above the top of the piece. 

5. Matching Pieces:  When shopping it is the default to stick with pieces that match because they lack the confidence to go outside that box.  The result?  Boring, usually neutral rooms.  Create spaces that speak to your personality - don't be afraid to mix and match. 

Stay tuned later this week for more tips and tricks to creating your design space. 

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