Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking for homes for sale in Keller?

Looking for homes for sale in Keller?

The problem of insufficient inventory continues to slow the number of home sales in Keller.  The numbers continue to indicate that buyers at lower price points will have few choices:

Only 7 homes are for sale in Keller priced under $239,499.
What do these numbers mean?  In 2013, the median sales price in Keller was $317,302.  (In other words, as many homes sold below $317,302 as sold above that figure.)  If you are in the market at under $317,302, then you have 24 homes to choose from.  If you are in the market above the median price, you have 109 homes to view before making a decision.

Using another real estate statistic, months of inventory, the prospects continue to grow even grimmer.  In conventional real estate wisdom, six months of supply of homes is a balanced market: There are about as many buyers as sellers coming on to the market.  In Keller today, there is less than two months of supply up to $315,000.

If you are shopping at that price point, then your agent will have to be extremely aggressive in getting you in to see homes the minute they come on the market.  If you decide that you like a home enough to make an offer to purchase, your offer will have to be strong to be accepted since competitive offers have become the norm.

A strong offer will usually mean submitting a price of list price or above as a starting point.  After that, your agent will advise as to ways to propose other terms favorable to the seller that can influence the seller to accept your contract.

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