Friday, January 17, 2014

Homes for Sale in Southlake, Texas

Homes for Sale in Southlake, Texas


Looking for a home in Southlake, Texas?

Because of Southlake's affluence and desirability, the price point is higher than it is in Keller, Texas. (Search here for homes for sale Keller, Texas) The median price--price at which as many homes sold below that point as above that point--in Southlake for 2013 was $550,000.

As of this moment, home prices of available homes broke out in the following way:
(Click on the link following each price bracket for the most current information on available properties.)

For buyers shopping under $799,000, the months of supply hovers between one and two months.  For those searching above $799,000, the market is more normal at approximately five months.  As mentioned previously, conventional real estate wisdom holds that with a six month supply of homes, buyers and sellers are entering the market in equal numbers.  When the number of months supply decreases, the market becomes a seller's market.

What does this mean for someone considering listing their home?  Sell now.  Before the recession, experienced Realtors were able to reliably predict the direction of the market in various cities and could better predict when to release a home for sale to the market.  However, the landscape has changed, and a single event can transform the real estate market quickly.  Sellers should take advantage of the low inventory to sell quickly and at the best price.

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