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Staging your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Staging your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Whether you are selling a home for the first time or you are experienced in the process, selling your home can be stressful.  When you are selling over the holidays the added hustle and bustle can create a new dynamic to contend with. 
The Grove Team's experience can help you through each step of the process.  Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get your through selling during the holidays! 
Regardless of the time of year, a clean, organized and decorated property goes a long way creating an inviting property. Properly staging your home will help buyers envision themselves and their belongings in the space. Staging a home can not only be simple and inexpensive, as a seller it is possible to justify the asking price if the property looks great and highlights the key features.
Follow these four steps to stage your properties for the upcoming holiday season:
1. Staging Basics – Before starting any holiday staging, you must first start with the basics: neutralizing rooms, returning them to their intended purpose, fixing damage, etc. 
2. Choose a Theme – What is the particular holiday you want to focus on? Or do you prefer a season such as fall or winter?  Selecting a theme will keep things stream-lined and easier to decorate.

3. Generalize for Reuse – To minimize costs, choose items and a theme that you can easily re-purpose after the holiday season.  Recreate classic items like wreaths, pumpkins, table runners and topiaries that never go out of style.  This means less cost for you and a more seamless transition through the season.

4. Have Fun – Select staging options, themes and items that are going to excite you while you use them and arrange them in your home.  Enthusiasm is contagious and will hopefully rub off on the buyer.

Not ready to put your home on the market during the holidays?  It is never too early to start planning for next year.  Visit the Grove Team's website to learn more about a successful sale, preparing for pictures and more!

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