Thursday, December 19, 2013

Alert to Computer Virus Conduit

Alert to Computer Virus Conduit

Lynn McClish, co-team leader for the Grove Team recently had an experience with a computer virus called Conduit.  In an effort to prevent others from the same fate, she wanted to share her journey in the world of computer viruses: 

"This post is based purely on personal experience, and I am not a computer expert, but my encounter with the program Conduit was so negative that I thought I would alert followers of our blog.

Last week I realized that Bing had taken over my browser and all of my requests to visit specific sites were being redirected to other sites.  For example, I would type in to learn how to deal with the virus and be redirected to another Internet security company with a site that looked like Norton's.  It was absolutely miserable.

When I searched Google for information, I found hundreds of similar complaints and some suggestions of ways to deal with Conduit.  I wasn't able to make any of the suggestions work for me.  I finally purchased Norton's one time virus removal ($99.00) and the third technician was finally able to clean the virus from my system.

In short, do not download any program that mentions Conduit.  I am very careful about my downloads and am convinced that I contracted the virus because I agreed to an update from a major company (e.g., Microsoft or Adobe.)"

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