Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mortgage Interest Rates Are the Lowest in U.S. History

Guest Blogger, David White with Prospect Mortage talks about current interest rates. The Grove Team, Keller Williams would like to extend a huge thank you to David and his team at Prospect. For more information on interest rates and your ability to purchase, visit David's website below.

Current interest rates on new and refinanced mortgage loans have never been lower in our nation’s recorded financial history. By consequence, monthly payments relative to mortgage loan balances have never been more affordable. Does that sound dramatic and unprecedented? It most definitely is!

American consumers who are buying a home or refinancing their existing mortgage right now are getting a BETTER DEAL on their real estate financing than every previous generation of Americans who had mortgages in our nation’s recorded financial history. That’s over 200 years. So it’s fair to say there’s never been a BETTER TIME in over two centuries to get a home loan!
If you have not already refinanced your home loan, please call me today and learn how you can benefit from these historically low interest rates. If you are considering buying a new primary residence, second home or investment property, call today and let’s find out exactly how these incredibly low mortgage rates can save you a lot of money.

Call me today to take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity that can save you a significant amount of money over the life of your loan. Don’t wait. The market is volatile and changing rapidly. The time to lock in maximum value is RIGHT NOW.

P.S. Please don’t keep me a secret. I am ready to help your family members, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and work colleagues with the same professional guidance and friendly service that I provide you. Thanks for your support!

Click here to visit my website and apply on line:

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Prospect Mortgage
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