Wednesday, December 14, 2016

5 home-building secrets you should know

Any professional builder will tell you, the secret to building a truly great house isn't what fixtures you choose or the type of crown molding you install. Rather, the most important components of a house are hidden behind the build. For those interested in building a home in Keller or the surrounding area, here are five things to know.

 The following five points represent some of the most important hidden aspects of any new home construction that will ensure your house retains its beauty for decades.

1. Proper insulation. Texas summers can be very hot. In such situations you'll rely on air conditioning. Good insulation not only saves money, but keeps your AC and furnace units working longer and more effectively.

 2. Subflooring. Whether you use hickory, maple or bamboo, everyone has their preference when it comes to flooring, but something that all flooring materials need is a solid subfloor. Like a box-spring for your mattress, subflooring provides a solid foundation that prevents sagging and squeaking, keeping your finished floor looking better, for longer.

 3. A smart house. Just like our phones, cars and televisions have been radically changed by the digital revolution, so have our homes. Today's modern smart homes are designed to fit our digital lives. Some features to consider are a consul to place your WiFi router so you can set up the appliances and thermostat for wireless. That way you'll be able to access them from a tablet or phone. You might even want to install some USB outlets.

 4. Modern kitchen solutions. Today it's all about expansive, open-concept kitchens. With stone countertops and larger refrigerators, engineers have noticed the combination of heavy appliances and a larger floor surface area puts more stress on the finished floors. Installing subflooring creates a solid base for floorboards and heavy modern appliances to rest on, thus helping to prevent squeaky or uneven floors in your kitchen.

 5. Choose the right exterior walls. The exterior "shells" of new Keller homes are being built tighter. In other words, new products and practices are being used to help reduce air leakage as part of the overall energy efficiency design. Next-generation exterior sheathing systems like ZIP System(R) sheathing and ZIP System(TM) tape have built-in water barriers and taped panel seams to create one continuous protective barrier underneath your finished exterior to help lock-out water and air.

If you haven't already, talk with your builder about the hidden elements of your home, that will help your home stand up to the tests of everyday life. After all, this is the house you always envisioned, and behind the beautiful layout, you want to make sure you have a solid foundation and good bones to ensure lasting beauty and life.

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