Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How tech is driving design in today's living rooms

The evolution of families and their changing lifestyles is a popular topic these days. As family dynamics and lifestyles morph, they drive a change in home design. Aside from the enduring presence of a TV and seating, for Keller homeowners, today's living room looks and functions very differently from living rooms of just a few decades ago.

Usable decor at the heart of today's living room
Today's living rooms feature a multitude of state-of-the-art technology. Flat screen televisions, slim speakers, ultra slim laptops and tablets are a must in today's living room designs, and because there are so many options and colors to choose from, families can seamlessly integrate technology to enhance the function and design - even in traditional homes.

Connected devices like Smart TVs are transforming how people consume content. Advances in technology such as from the leading content providers like Netflix, Amazon Video and VUDU have changed how content is consumed within homes.

Dynamic, multi-purpose living spaces
Formal living and dining rooms that are never used are largely a thing of the past. TV still remains king; A study reports 99 percent of American households with children younger than 18 have at least one TV in their home. However, families are using spaces like living rooms to serve multiple functions, including entertainment and work, researching and making purchasing decisions, and communicating with distant loved ones.

A smarter home on the rise
Homes are becoming as connected as the people who live in them. Today, home automation systems can control thermostat settings, lower and raise mechanized blinds, turn lights off or on, and monitor home security.

At the same time, people remain concerned about the high initial set-up costs and perceived complexity of connected homes. Professional installation of consumer electronics products has remained a rare occurrence, even among higher-income households. In fact, in a recent Mintel study, only 10 percent of respondents had ever paid for custom installation of electronics.

Instead, consumers prefer DIY (do-it-yourself) and plug-and-play home monitoring solutions with home automation capability, prioritizing items which offer an easy-to-install approach that gives families greater control over how they protect and control their Keller homes.

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