Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Window replacement tips for Keller homeowners

Kitchens and bathrooms are not only two of the most highly used rooms in your Keller home, they’re also two of the most popular rooms to renovate.

With any kitchen or bath renovation, there are many aspects to consider — cabinets, counters, floors, etc. And whether you’re making small updates or completely gutting the room, make sure to include window replacement in your list of must-haves.

How can new windows benefit a room? With a style that fits your personality, the right window provides natural light and ventilation to help create a beautiful, functional and comfortable living space.

Keep three key elements in mind when choosing a window for your kitchen or bath:

Choose a window style with function in mind.
Kitchen windows are often placed above counters or sinks, while bathroom windows tend to be located above tubs, beside showers or above bathroom counters. The placement of these windows can sometimes make them hard to reach, so choosing a window style that’s easy to open and close is a must.

Sliding windows or casement windows — which crank open and closed — are good options for hard-to-reach areas like above a counter or sink.

Ventilation is another key consideration for kitchens and bathrooms. A properly placed window can help decrease the amount of heat and moisture retained from cooking or showering. Awning windows, which can be pulled in or pushed out, are a good option for ventilation, and perform best when placed close to the ceiling or above eye level.

Select a window material that fits your needs.
Kitchens and baths require windows that are easy to clean and can withstand moisture, so materials like vinyl or fiberglass are ideal.

Fiberglass windows can withstand extreme heat and cold, are energy-efficient and can have the quality look of painted wood. Vinyl windows are easy to care for and don’t require additional painting or staining.

However, if wood is a better fit for the style of your Keller home, make sure to select a finish that will hold up against stains and moisture, and be prepared to do a little more cleaning and upkeep.

Consider additional features and options.
If you want to maintain privacy while maximizing natural light in the bathroom, choose a window with obscure or opaque glass.

Or, you can streamline the look and function of your kitchen or bath with between-the-glass cordless blinds or shades, which minimize allergens and eliminate clutter. Because these window coverings are tucked between the panes of glass, you won’t have to worry about moisture or stains.

You can take it one step further and motorize the blinds or shades with Pella’s Insynctive technology. Controlled via a remote or home automation system, the blinds or shades can customize the level of light in the bathroom or kitchen.

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