Tuesday, April 21, 2015

7 ways to upgrade your Keller home's entryway

 You only get one chance to make a first impression and that first statement for your Keller home begins with your front door. Fortunately, there are a few simple projects to help welcome your family and friends into your home with style.

Start fresh with a new door
Sometimes the simplest answer is to begin with a clean slate and replace your front door. From single doors to double-door options, those accented with decorative glass or transoms and sidelights, it's easy to find one that fits your budget and your style. Once you have a look, pick a material such as wood, fiberglass or steel. Don't forget to look for an ENERGY STAR qualified option to help keep your home comfortable.

Pick a standout color for your front door
Sticking with your current door? A fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Try a bold color to brighten a neutral color scheme. Pick a color that coordinates with your home's exterior with a pop of contrast to add eye appeal.

Update your hardware
Why stop with a fresh coat of paint? Refresh old doors with new hardware. Choose handles and doorknockers that complement your home's exterior design. Many hardware stores offer hardware in a variety of finishes to instantly upgrade exterior doors.

Replace broken or damaged items
Replace broken light fixtures, burned out bulbs and worn out weather-stripping on exterior doors. Pitch that faded wreath, worn out mat and dead plants. Instead add a bright new welcome mat and eye-catching seasonal decorations.

Lay a new path
Flagstone, gravel or pavers - any of these materials can be used to create a new, inviting walkway in a weekend or less.

Illuminate your walkway
Make it easy for others to see the way to your front door at night. Transform and illuminate walkways with easy-to-install solar lights. Stake them in the ground positioned so solar cells get enough southern exposure for sunlight to recharge during the day.

Trim bushes, create great container gardens
Landscaping should accent your home, not dominate it. Keep bushes below the bottom sill of your windows to improve your view. Trim or replace overgrown shrubs and trees. Keep plant material trimmed several feet away from your home to minimize damage from wind or insects. Fill decorative containers with plants that accent your Keller home's color scheme, front door and landscape design.

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