Monday, October 27, 2014

Protecting your kitchen investment in DFW

Kitchens are often considered the heart of a home. For Keller homeowners, It’s where you prepare meals, pay your bills and entertain guests. With solid investment, the kitchen can single-handedly increase the value of your DFW home and help you build more of a nest egg. Even if you’re considering selling your home, all eyes of prospective buyers will inevitably be on the kitchen.

When making investments in your Southlake home, the kitchen is unanimously the best place to start. To accomplish that, reach for what feels classic for the space like subway tiles and stainless steel, and allow the elements that tell your story to come through in the non-permanent fixtures like the furniture, fabrics and details.

Here are five tips for designing a forever kitchen that will sustain its value, whether you’re looking to put your DFW house on the market or simply updating it for your family’s enjoyment:

1. A timeless look: For Keller homeowners - When it comes to making big design decisions in your kitchen, put aside trends and go with timeless and elegant. Reach for what feels right for you – and focus on things that will look as good 10 years from now as they do today. The entire LG Studio line of premium, built-in appliances, for example, was designed with a signature look, feel and style that will easily transition with you through the years.

2. Paint: Although people often grimace when you tell them to paint wood. It isn’t a cardinal sin, especially in the kitchen. Tearing out cabinets isn’t always an option, but painting, while a bit of work, can be enjoyable as well. Reach for black. It sets off all the appliances and makes for a dramatic change to your Grapevine home.

3. Brighten with lights: It is a significant recommendation – lighting is one of the most important decisions you can make in any room, including the kitchen of your North Richland Hills home. Placing lights over an island or table can make the room stand out. Since lighting can often add to a dated vibe of the space, swapping it out for something more timeless immediately makes the space appear more modernized – perfect for illuminating any potential buyers.

4. The long haul: Making over a kitchen is no small feat. It’s expensive and time consuming. So, your best asset is information. Start researching designs and costs.. Always start with what’s permanent like the cabinets, appliances and tiles. These, along with the appropriate team to help you make and install all of it, are your best investments. From there, consider ways that you can have what you want at a price you can live with. Many of the most amazing islands fashioned from unique things. These can all be ways to get a big look without the big price tag.

5. Consider technology: The home of the future is actually here today. It’s one that is wired for sound, TV and Wi-Fi. Simply put, our kitchen island is command central for more than meal prep. For many of us it’s also the office. So, to add value to this space, don’t undervalue what will make life easier, like outlets that have USB ports in the wall and island, charging docks and TVs. We do so much more in this space than cook. So, to add value, add ways for you be connected ... just not at the dinner table.

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