Monday, March 10, 2014

Ways to Create Character in a New Home in Keller

Ways to Create Character in a New Home in Keller

Thinking of purchasing a new home since resale inventory in Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, and surrounding cities in NETC is so limited?  Builders are ramping up to fill the demand for housing in North Texas, and more and more buyers are considering purchasing a new home.  New construction offers advantages: sought-after amenities, open floor plans, the latest in trends and designs.  Additionally, most new home buyers anticipate a one to five year period of few repairs and maintenance issues.

However, buyers of new homes often sacrifice the character of an older home.  Builders--especially production builders--work to create a product that appeals to the highest number of consumers at the lowest possible cost.  As with all cost-cutting, mass marketing efforts, sacrifices must be made.  Most often eliminated are architectural details that add interest.

The good news is that character and interest can be added.  Of course, prices differ widely on various improvements, but consider these ideas:
  • Look in antique and salvage stores to find architectural elements such as ceiling medallions, fireplace mantels, doorknobs, hinges, moldings, and doors. Check out this link for some great ideas.
  • Add items such as shutters, trim, and decorative door pediments to the exterior in front and in back.  
  • While families often spend a great deal of time in the back yard, builders often neglect to add decorative and functional features there.  A covered patio creates interest and relief from the brutal Texas sun while offering many options for adding character.
  • While not utilized as much as a covered back patio, adding a porch or details such as rock or stone to the entry of a home can add personality and interest.
  • If space allows, adding window seats and bookcases can create a look and feel of a more custom home.
  • Add landscaping such as shrubs and trees very early in your ownership.  Over time landscaping adds to a settled, mature look.  However, start small and plant carefully.  Develop a plan and give your plants room to grow.  If your lot is small, plant a hedge--but not red tip photinias, please--to create privacy and add to the marketability of your home in the future.
By using these ideas you can transform a newer home with very few maintenance headaches into one that feels gracious and mature.

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