Monday, February 17, 2014

One-Story Homes for Sale in Grapevine Texas

Are you looking for a one-story home for sale in Grapevine Texas?

Single-story homes continue to gain in popularity as demographics change in the United States.  As Americans age, they do not want to climb stairs to gain access to any part of their homes.  Additional factors also contribute to the demand for one-story homes:
  1. Single-story homes are thought to be less expensive to heat and cool.  Especially in the south, second floors tend to collect heat and require more energy to maintain cooler temperatures.
  2. Parents of young children don't look forward to encountering stairs every time a mitten or shoe can't be located by a child.
  3. More and more Americans are planning to age in place.  While they might not mind stairs now, they are purchasing with the next twenty years in mind.
  4. More and more households include an aging parent who is unable to deal with stairs.
Living in Grapevine offers many advantages, no matter your age.  With the wealth of outdoor opportunities offered by Lake Grapevine and city parks and trails to indoor pastimes like shopping, visiting art galleries or museums, Grapevine offers a marvelous lifestyle.

No matter which type of home you choose, the experienced agents on the Grove Team can help you find it. 

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