Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Make Your Yard SAFE for Trick or Treaters

How to Make Your Yard SAFE for Trick or Treaters

Fall is here and the holiday season is upon us.  Halloween is this week and soon the neighborhoods will be teaming with trick or treaters.  Check out the following tips and tricks to be sure your yard is safe and children are protected. 

1. Clean up and toys, trash, or animal droppings.  Think how awful it would be if Princess Aurora stepped in do poo.  Rake leaves and pick up sticks.  Put away ladders, buckets and garden tools too. 

2. Roll up garden hoses onto racks, remove or secure them.  If your sprinkler heads are a hazard or could be damaged by traffic, consider placing a upturned planter over them with an LED light on top.

3. Use glow sticks, LED lights, and other safe lights to illuminate your yard.  Work to be creative and not kill the mood, but make sure sidewalks, stairways and trip hazards are well-lit.

4. Keep pets inside the house, the back yard, or in a safe location away from the front door.  A barking dog can scare a young child and ruin the night.  Cats are apt to make a dash for outside if frightened by noise and commotion.

5. If you have outdoor decorations, make sure they are well lit and out of the pathway.  Cords can be particularly hazardous.  Make sure they are taped down securely if they are close to a pathway.

6. Turn off all lights when you have run out of candy or patience.  The porch light is the most obvious, but remember to turn off other outdoor lights as well.  If you want your home to maintain a Halloween atmosphere, consider leaving a small battery operated Jack O'Lanter by the doorway or window. 

7. If you need to back out of your driveway, be sure to be extremely cautious.  Drive very slowly and use your signals to notify trick or treaters to your intentions. 

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Have a safe Halloween!

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