Monday, July 22, 2013

Get Ready to Show In An Hour

If your home is on the market it is a good idea to have a plan to get it ready to show quickly when you receive the showing appointment call .  Here are some quick check points to get "ready to show" in less than an hour. 


Clear all clutter from counters and tables.  If you can not put everything in its place quickly, store in bins or bags out of the way.  Wipe down counters and appliances to clear food stains and dust.  Put dirty dishes in dishwasher and clean sink and faucet.  Put away all food items. Wipe up food stains from floor.  Sweep floor with broom or power sweeper.  Take out garbage and recycling. Turn on all Lights.


Brush toilet quickly and flush.  Clean off counter and put all product inside vanity.  Lock away all medicines.  Clean mirror with window cleaner.  Quickly wipe down floor area, especially in corners.  Hang new towels. Turn on lights.


Make bed.  Hang/put away all clothes and shoes in back of closet. Run power sweeper over floors. Open window treatments.  Turn on lights. 


Clear clutter, dust all flat surfaces, including electronics.  Store small electronics in a secure place.  Fluff pillows, fold throws. Run power sweeper over floors. Open window treatments.  Turn on all lights.


Lock up pets or take them with you.

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