Friday, February 3, 2012

Simplify your life with gadgets for the home

(ARA) - Nowadays, our lives are more hectic than ever. But you can pare back your to-do list with some innovative products that make household tasks a little bit easier.

* Skip the morning visit to your neighborhood cafe and brew the perfect cup of coffee at home. Making a pot of coffee takes extra work - grinding beans, measuring grinds and water, brewing and eventually cleaning the pot - and there's often extra coffee that goes to waste. Automatic, single serve coffee machines make it easy to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, tea or other warm beverage with very little effort.

* Universal remotes are no longer just for the home entertainment system. Newer remotes enable total control of the various electronics throughout your home. Ranging from simple to sophisticated, universal remotes can control your lighting, thermostat, security system, pool and more. Verve Living Systems, for example, offers a controller that provides you with the option of programming up to 10 combinations of controls for lighting and temperature, making it easier to save energy.

* Even in the bathroom, gadgets such as electronic toothbrushes and razors make grooming simple and efficient. Earlier this year, Delta Faucet launched Touch2O.xt Technology on bathroom faucets, which enables you to activate the flow of water with a simple tap anywhere on the spout or handle. The technology also features a sensing field around the entire faucet for entirely hands-free activation. The hands-free mode makes it easier to conserve water during quick tasks, such as brushing your teeth or washing your hands, because the faucet will automatically shut off when hands are removed from the sensing field.

"Our research and development team conducts extensive research during product development, examining ways in which people interact with their faucets," says Ali McKinney, product manager at Delta Faucet. "This technology provides a cleaner, more efficient way to work with water."

* Who says you need electronics to have a high-tech experience? Updates to the shower can be intimidating, but adding a handshower can provide greater functionality and an improved experience and doesn't have to be a hassle. The In2ition two-in-one shower, also from Delta Faucet, offers the ability to enjoy water from the showerhead, integrated handshower or both at once for water exactly where you want it and flexibility to accomplish other tasks, such as bathing children, washing pets or cleaning the shower. Plus, installing the In2ition is no more complicated than switching out a standard showerhead.

* Almost every personal device doubles as a camera these days, but who has wall space for all those framed photos? A digital picture frame makes it easier to keep the photos around your home up-to-date and saves the time and money you would spend ordering and printing new photos. Even more, you can upload hundreds of pictures and set the frame to rotate the images on a slideshow. The latest digital picture frames have a range of style options, memory and fun image-sharing features.

Whatever your need, there's likely a product, technology or application that can help turn even the most mundane everyday tasks into easy and enjoyable experiences.

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