Thursday, November 3, 2011

Important Changes for Those Applying for Property Tax Exemptions in Texas

Texans applying for exemptions from property taxes will have to submit a bit more paperwork because of legislation that took effect September 1, 2011. With the new bill, the legislature attempted to curb those who double dip and claim exemptions for multiple properties.

In order to qualify for residential property tax exemptions--such as the homestead, over 65, or disabled veteran exemptions--applicants must provide the following to the Central Appraisal District when submitting an application:

  • Texas drivers license or state ID card

  • Vehicle registration receipt

  • Those without vehicles must submit a notarized affidavit certifying that they do not own a vehicle and submit a utility bill.

All of the addresses on the documentation listed above must match the address of the property for which the exemption is being sought. Those with existing exemptions will see their tax discounts renew automatically, but if they apply for a new or different exemption they must present the additional documentation. This additional step is designed to stop those who are not entitled to an exemption from receiving one and shifting the tax burden to others.

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