Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Blog - Affordable Designs

A big Grove Team THANK YOU to Lindsey with Affordable Designs in Azle for contributing to our blog this week. Looking for professional interior design? Contact the ladies at Affordable Design to schedule a consultation today, (817) 444-6075.


There are a few myths about design that I would like BUST! So often we think that because of one thing we cannot hire a designer, or have a nice home. And while not everyone has the budget for a designer, everyone CAN have a nice home.

Myth #1: I live and use my home. I don't want to feel like I am in a museum.

Having a nice home doesn't mean it's so stuffy and expensive that you can't touch anything. You should always feel comfortable in your home and it should be a reflection of you and your family. However, you don't want that reflection to say "messy and outdated" either! There is a balance between stuffy and no style. Find your inspiration, get organized and make your house your home!

Myth #2: I have kids, so my house can't be nice.

Kids are not a good excuse for a home with no style. The main key to a beautiful and functional home with kids is organization and a reality check. Use bookshelves with baskets to hide toys or even a large basket on the floor. Don't have white furniture and keep the glassware high or put it away. And, this may seem obvious to some, keep your house picked up. Have kids pick up when they are done with things and for those that aren't old enough, let them see you doing it. A tidy house always seems "nicer" than one with your things strewn all over the place (this also goes for homes without kids!)

Myth #3: I want new window treatments and bedding, but can't afford custom right now. I guess I have to wait.

FALSE! Stores have come a long way with their draperies and bedding! Ready made draperies are a cost efficient option for an easy update. Grommet drapes cut down the cost of hardware, too (no rings!). When it comes to bedding, you don't have to grab the bed in a bag. Take different pieces from different collection to make your own unique combination. Ready made does have to mean ordinary!

Until next time - Lindsay

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